5 Celebrity “Just Kidding” Marriage Fake-Outs

Over the weekend, Eddie Cibrian tweeted a very confusing photo. It showed him, on bended knee, holding LeAnn Rimes’ hand, as she used her free hand to cover her mouth in excitement. The whole tableau took place before a buggy labeled “White Chapel Asylum,” and the words, “I couldn’t resist,” accompanied the image. The photo got tongues wagging about whether these two were actually tying the knot. It would have been perfect timing, as Shape magazine’s editor-in-chief had just called LeAnn a “husband stealer.” But alas, the photo was a fake. A source says that the offer wasn’t for real and was just a little “Halloween fun.” [The Huffington Post]

Check out a few other couple who had some “fun” with the idea of marriage by faking us out.

  • Drake and Nicki Minaj: The two stars of rap label Young Money appeared to be young and in love when they both tweeted about being married to the other. Even though Drake insisted that his followers start calling Nicki “Mrs. Aubrey Drake Graham,” Ms. Minaj can still keep her name. Both admitted to playing a little proposal prank on their Twitter fans. So the role of Mrs. Drake is still up for grabs? [E! Online]
  • Robbie Williams and Ayda Field: When the couple went on an Australian radio show, they got the usual nosy questions about when they planned on getting hitched. Instead of avoiding the question, Williams deiced to drop down on bended knee and ask his American actress girlfriend to tie the knot. The fact that the British singer had to borrow a ring from one of the show’s hosts, and that the couple was laughing throughout the exchange, tipped many off that this wasn’t the real deal. They did, however, eventually get hitched. [News.com.au]
  • Demi Lovato and a fan: The Disney star was ready with a “yes” when a fan asked for her hand in marriage. Demi posted a picture of her and her future hubby on her now defunct Twitter account with the words, “I can’t wait to get married!” Lovato later fessed up that she was just having fun with her admiring fan and that there were certainly no wedding bells in her future. [Just Jared]
  • John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston: After reading in Star Magazine that he was crafting a personalized engagement ring for Jennifer, John Mayer decided to have some fun with rumor. John went to his Twitter account and posted, “Welding an engagement ring for my girlfriend.” Needless to say he was just poking fun at the tabloid press, but he seemed to be the only one who found it funny. [The Insider]

Bottom line, if you see a celeb proposal on Twitter probability says it is fake.