Check This Out: Illustrations From The “Drawing Fashion” Exhibition In London

Designer sketches are one thing, but to be a fashion illustrator is another art altogether. And that’s what a new exhibition—called Drawing Fashion—at London’s Design Museum explores. The show features the works of famous fashion artists from the 1930s to the present. Some examples: the right hand image above is a print called “Fashion by Dior” done by Francois Berthoud for a 2004 issue of Numéro magazine, while the left hand image presents an illustration that ran in a 1937 issue of Vogue. The exhibit is on through March, so if you’re in London now or in the next few months, be sure to check it out! And if don’t have any U.K. travel plans on your schedule, indulge in some more images from the collection after the jump. [Design Museum via Wallpaper]

A Pop Art-inspired illustration from a 1967 issue of the New York Times magazine.

“Lady in Red”: A 1999 painting done by the artist Mats Gustafson for Yohji Yamamoto.

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