Can We Please Dissect Everything That Is Wrong With Steven Tyler’s Outfit?

Now we know Steven Tyler has his quirky, highly individualistic rocker style thing going on. And he’s a fashion icon in his own right, so it’s difficult to criticize him. But we just have say WTF is up with this outfit? Better fashion statements have been made. Our full breakdown of the hilarity after the jump.

  1. The cell phone belt buckle. Apparently, these still exist.
  2. Um, is that a knife?
  3. Rockin’ the man purse we see (or murse, if you will).
  4. One murse is never enough? Steven carries a second bag, a fringed pouch with skull motif.
  5. Patchwork jeans. Need we say more?
  6. Socks. And. Sandals.