And Now For The Best Line Uttered By A Naked Criminal!

God bless The Smoking Gun for bringing amazing tales about the laws of justice smacking down on criminals. For example! Melissa Lee Williams, 41, of West Virginia, who was arrested for threatening two men with a knife because they declined to engage in sexual contact with her. So, the story goes that Williams showed up at her ex-husband’s place at the motor inn in which they both reside. When Danny Williams answered the door, Ms. Williams ordered him and another man to “eat my p**sy,” as she disrobed. Her ex declined, but the other man, Adam Watson, agreed and began to approach … That’s when “he became overwhelmed by a horrible vaginal odor emitting from Melissa Williams.” Seriously, that’s in the police report. That’s when Williams pulled out a knife and said — and this is the best part — “Somebody is going to eat my p**sy or I’m going to cut your f**ing throat.” Right now, a horror movie writer is jotting that line down for their upcoming project. (Although, I think I have felt this way once or twice.) Anyway, Williams and her allegedly foul vag were arrested for domestic assault and brandishing a deadly weapon, but that might be the least of her problems. [The Smoking Gun]