25 Signs That He’s NOT Relationship Material

Some guys are relationship material and some are just … well … not. Sure, you can enjoy some fun times with Mr. Not; just don’t mistake him for a Mr. Maybe. Not that anyone I know has ever made that err in judgment before. No. Never. Ever. After the jump, some signs that you shouldn’t take a dude too seriously, or perhaps that you should run in the opposite direction as fast as you can.

  1. He repeatedly tells you that his work is his life or that his career comes first.
  2. He talks about fearing commitment or wanting his freedom.
  3. You only hear from him once a month … and only by text.
  4. He’s getting jiggy at da club every night.
  5. He gives you hickies.
  6. He doesn’t spend the night at your place, won’t let you spend the night at his.
  7. He hangs up the phone on you when he gets annoyed or picks fights.
  8. He’s still in love with, pining for, or in a relationship with another girl.
  9. He shows up late every time you hang out or just flakes out and forgets plans.
  10. There’s a 50/50 chance he won’t respond to a text message, email, or phone call.
  11. The only thing he does for fun is drink or do drugs. A lot.
  12. He still lives with four dudes from his college frat and they like to do keg stands on the weekend.
  13. He criticizes your clothing … or anything about you.
  14. He won’t reciprocate in bed. ‘Nuff said.
  15. He needs a place to crash and you have a couch.
  16. He’s got sexual hangups of the “I’m going to hell for this!” variety.
  17. He tells you he’s selfish, damaged, or broken.
  18. You have to initiate all contact and all affection.
  19. He doesn’t involve you in his life or weekend plans.
  20. He invites his friends to come along on your “dates.”
  21. He can’t keep even the smallest of promises … like you asking him to take care of some trivial things.
  22. He doesn’t remember anything that you’ve told him about yourself, except your name.
  23. He proclaims his love for you after the first date.
  24. He can’t get his act together to make plans with you.
  25. An ex has a restraining order on him.