One “Real World” Dude Is A Congressman, Another A Medical Hero

Remember Sean Duffy, the sweet-talking Wisconsin lumberjack from “The Real World: Boston”? You probably know that he went on to marry Rachel Campos, the Republican who had a crush on Puck during “The Real World: San Francisco.” Well, he apparently is also now a member of U.S. Congress. Last night, he won his race for Wisconsin’s 7th District seat in the House of Representatives. “What a great night in Wisconsin,” he said at his victory party. Another interesting piece of info about him: did you know that he and Rachel have six kids. Hello, reality TV producers. [PopEater]

But Sean isn’t the only Real Worlder in the news today. Matt Smith, the sweet alterna-guy from “The Real World: New Orleans,” was in a panic situation on Thursday when his wife’s labor began progressing rapidly as he drove her to the hospital. So he delivered the baby on the side of the road. A nurse apparently suggested that they name the baby Santana after the San Tran Freeway where she was born. (Or, uh, “Glee“?) “We’d rather have a freeway named after her than name her after a freeway,” Matt said. “I felt very blessed and was thanking God that we made it.” [CBS News]