Fall TV Guide: “Skating With The Stars” One-Ups “DWTS”

Ice skating has never been my favorite activity. See: me clinging to the side wall for dear life during every ice skating birthday party I went to as a kid. But ABC’s newest show, “Skating with the Stars,” is seriously upping the ante on “Dancing with the Stars” by taking C-listers and having them strap on skates, to not only learn how to dance on ice, but also to do lifts, spins, jumps, and other Olympic-caliber moves. We are expecting some hard spills, nasty bruises, and probably a few broken bones.

Last night, ABC announced the cast for this new series. Find out who they are, after the jump! We’re very excited to see our favorite “Real Housewife” Bethenny Frankel and ’80s rocker Vince Neil show their stuff. Skier Jonny Moseley will be cool to watch, even though we think it’s kind of cheating that he’s a champion skier. The rest of the cast, however, could use some help. Rebecca Budig? Brandon Mychal Smith? Sean Young? Not sure who these people are. Maybe the show had a hard time getting bigger names to sign a liability waiver?

Regardless, will you be watching “Skating with the Stars”?