Facebook Makes It Easier To Stalk With “Friendship Pages”

Anyone who has perused an ex’s Facebook page for signs that he or she is moving on first knows that a lot of wasted clicking goes into hunting down and examining your beau’s rebound. Well, being a good friend, Facebook has decided to make this jealous searching a little easier with “friendship pages.” This cyberstalking-friendly creation allows you to get all the interactions between any two Facebook friends in one place. This includes seeing every thing the two have said to each other, pictures they are tagged in together, events they were both invited to, and the friends they share. Some say this new feature could be a cute way to track a couple who just got engaged or married, but most are sticking on the side that “friendship pages” are just kinda creepy. The invention doesn’t have a release date yet, but is said to be ready to hit the web at any time. So, maybe it’s time to bulk up those privacy settings? [ValleyWag]