Does The Bottle For Katy Perry’s Perfume Make You Want To Purr?

So unless you’ve been under a rock or don’t understand the evolution of celebrity branding, the fact that Katy Perry is releasing a fragrance shouldn’t be news to you. (We even showed you the extremely sexy and playful ad here.) But now, we’re getting a glimpse at the fragrance bottle, and we have to say it looks exactly like we’d imagine a fragrance called Purr would. Fashion Indie says a less literal approach would have been better. I, however, can’t seem to get the Baby Phat kitty logo out of my head when I peep at Purr. I’d also imagine grown women being too embarrassed to let anyone see this cartoon-y perfume bottle on their dresser. But then again, do adult women have plans to wear anything Katy Perry puts out? So what do you think? Does the Purr bottle make you want to purr or hiss?