Do You Ever Go On A “Fashion Diet”?

The other day a friend sent me a link to an item on the Madewell site. “Weren’t these the shorts you wanted? They went on sale and are only $11!” Tempting, but I told her I was abstaining from all fashion purchases at the moment. “I’m on a fashion diet,” I said. While the term “fashion diet” might sound like some god-awful liquid food plan to be able to fit into a dress, it’s what we like to call taking a break from style-related shopping (well, except the necessities, like if you run out of shampoo). It’s not so much about avoiding big shopping sprees as consciously choosing not to buy anything for a while—even a $20 top at H&M. Why do this? One reason is to realize you’re at a point where you don’t need to accumulate more stuff (at least not before getting rid of some of the useless stuff first). Another is a good budgeting practice, because spending can actually be a lot like falling off a diet. You could compare dropping $15 to sneaking a bite of dessert: once you start. It’s sometimes hard to stop.

Do you ever go on a “fashion diet”? Tell us your reasons and the frequency with which you do it!