Beauty Test Drive: MAC Eye Brows Tool

Despite being able to grow thick hair really fast on my head, I can’t seem to grow in my eyebrows regardless of how long I wait between threading sessions. The hair always grows where I don’t want it and remains sparse where I do. So I’ve been filling in my brows with pencils and powders for almost a decade. And I think I’ve finally found the best one. I’ve used pencils from drugstore brands and Clinique brow powder, but was never completely satisfied because most tug the skin, pulling out hairs along the way, or didn’t have a consistent enough color. I ended up trying the MAC Eye Brows Tool because I had a beauty treatment that removed all my makeup and had a party to attend after.

What I like most about this tool is that you can vary the color intensity by how much pressure you apply. I’ve found that a slight hand gives the most natural look, though. I also like that it’s self-sharpening and a little point of product goes a long way. You probably won’t need to re-sharpen for a whole week. This streamlined tool is the best product I’ve found for defining, shaping, and coloring sparse brows, but I bet it would work great and last longer for those who only need a bit of color to fill their thick brows. [$15, MAC]