Is Having A Sister Better Than Having A Brother?

It strikes me as interesting that a short but sweet essay on the benefits of having a sister, called “Why Sisterly Chats Make People Happier,” has been one of the most popular articles on The New York Times website for over a week. The essay is in response to a recent Brigham Young University study which claims that men who have sisters are happier than those who don’t. The essay’s author, linguist Deborah Tannen, expands the discussion to theorize that this is because women, and thus sisters, are more talkative, so they are better at communicating …I guess this is one of those studies that’s hard for individuals to quantify. I’ve only ever had a sister, so how can I know if it makes me happier than having a brother? I do know that my sis and I love each other dearly, but we only occasionally chat it up on the phone. I actually think my husband talks to his sister on the phone more than I do. Do you think this study is lame or do you agree that sisters are usually better siblings? [NY Times]