Why We Voted: For Gay Marriage, For Immigration Reform, And For Those Little “I Voted!” Stickers

Happy Election Day — yes, an end to campaign commercials on TV is in sight! Whether you dragged yourself out of bed before work, will stand in line at the polls before going home tonight, or plan to do it mid-day, all that matters is that you exercise your right to vote! Yesterday, I asked readers to tell us why they’re going to vote and share with us the state they live in and races they’re passionate about. Not only did your responses crack me up, but it was really cool to see that The Frisky has readers everywhere from Kentucky to Louisiana to Texas. Also: you are a bunch of bleeding heart liberals. After the jump, find out how the rest of the Friskyverse is votin’ (and try not to wet your pants, OK?). NEW YORK

“I’m voting because Carl Paladino gives me nightmares. SCARY nightmares.” – Sugar7898

“I plan to head to my polling place after work. I’m voting against that Christine O’Donnell! Wait, I can’t? Damnit.” – Amelia, The Frisky’s editor-in-chief

“I’m voting for Paladino for governor for sure. He’s a genius. I’m kidding.” – Joanne, The Frisky’s copy editor

“I’m voting for [Andrew] Cuomo. I was going to vote for him before [Carl] Paladino won the GOP nomination, and now I’m even more motivated. Paladino is a disaster. He’ll go on about ‘values’ in a room full of extremist rabbis in Williamsburg, while female journalists are barred entry and chased away from the front door. He’ll call homosexuality ‘dysfunctional,’ but email lesbian pornography to his friends. And then there’s the woman-under-horse action. And the 40-year marriage with a 10-year-old love child on the side. I’m also voting to keep [Kirsten] Gillibrand in office. She’s great. I want to keep supporting the Democratic Party. Like many others, I’m a little disappointed in the last two years. I was expecting more progress, but it’s going to take more than two years to fix eight years of crap. The last thing we need to do now is put the GOP back in control.” – Lauren


“I’ll be voting tomorrow in Texas just to get Governor Rick Perry out of office!!! It’s frustrating to see my home state’s government decline like it has. Our schools are insanely lacking and spending is through the roof. It’s shameful. What’s even worse is that there was a time that Perry was doing a good job, but he’s been in power for far too long [a decade] and it’s gone to his head. As far as representatives go, I’m not sure how I’m going to vote so tonight will be research time. What can I say? I’m a procrastinator.” – CharlieBrazen


“I’m voting to a) vote against Rand Paul b) vote for the Democrat mayoral candidate because if we end up with a Republican mayor for the first time in 20 years, I’ll cry (our mayor for life has decided to run for Lt. Gov. next election) and c) because I recently moved and am no longer within walking distance of my favorite burger in the city so voting gives me an excuse to pick one up for dinner after I vote.” – LizC


“I’m voting because David Vitter is a hypocrite and a moron.” – SaySay


“I’m voting because Russell Pearce (the asshat who drafted the anti-illegal immigration measure SB 1070) is the representative for my district at the state legislation level.” – EscapeHatch


“I am voting because Rick Scott might be Voldemort and because the Tea Party endorses Marco Rubio.” – Sarah The Great


“I fully intended to take a train home to Connecticut after work and vote, but then something came up tonight that I really should attend. Fortunately, polls indicate that Linda McMahon is not going to win a Senate seat. McMahon ran World Wrestling Entertainment, which is based in CT, and the way the entertainers treat women are the stuff of my worst nightmares. There’s no way I want a woman representing my state who, on her watch, allowed her husband Vince McMahon to yell at women to strip down to their bikinis, get on their knees and bark like a dog. I hope McMahon loses big tonight. … Anyway, I should probably register to vote in New Jersey because that’s actually where I’ve lived for the past year!” – Jessica, Frisky staffer


“I’m voting because some of the candidates have indicated that they will do everything in their power to ‘protect the sanctity of marriage’ (overturn the overturning[?] of prop 8) and I will do everything I can to make sure that won’t happen. Also, I’m excited because this is my first time voting IRL and not by mail, so I get my first sticker!” – BeccaAnne

“Because California doesn’t need ‘Watch your wallet’ Meg Whitman or ‘Watch your back’ Carly Fiorina.” – FastEddie


“I did not vote because I couldn’t get all my business together to mail out my Michigan ballot request in time for me to mail it back before the election. I am just bad at jumping through all the hoops. I now have been told by just about everyone at home that I can not complain about anything for the rest of the year because I couldn’t get it together to vote. Sigh.” – Kelli Bender, Frisky contributor


“I am going to vote tomorrow in the state of New Hampshire, precisely because I want to keep religious extremists out of office. Believe whatever you want, folks, more power to you! But when you try to force your beliefs on me through the government, we have a problem. I’m also voting because I believe my party will do a better job than the other one, even though they aren’t doing great at the moment. It could be a lot worse.” SugarStarzKill


“I voted because [Glen ] Urquhart and [Christine] O’Donnell must not be elected!” – Smoke

“I am voting because I can’t bear the thought of a born-again virgin witch representing my state in the U.S. Senate.” – Delilahgem

But Delilahgen, didn’t you hear? Christine O’Donnell is not a witch.

Did anyone else out there in the Friskyverse vote today? Let us know in the comments!