Judd Apatow’s Hilarious Video For American Jewish World Service

I’ve never been a huge fan of charity videos because they’re so dramatic and subsequently always make me cry. I cry at the babies playing with flies. The sad-eyed dogs. The animals in cages faintly crying. If Sarah McLachlan is playing in the background, I’m already bummed. But Judd Apatow has gone a totally different route with his video for AJWS, the American Jewish World Service. I literally laughed out loud several times and it actually made me want to support them because they made a good case and didn’t mess up my mascara. And as a huge bonus, he got Lindsay Lohan, Sarah Silverman, Helen Hunt, John Mayer, Don Johnson, Susan Sarandon, Sir Patrick Stewart and a couple dozen other celebs to participate, many of whom I didn’t even realize were funny! In a public service announcement to charities around the world, sometimes comedy is just as powerful as guilt. To be fair, there are only so many charities for which comedy is appropriate, but hopefully this will bring a little light to your day. [Jewcy]