Fertility Expert Says 20-Something Women Should Freeze Their Ovaries

When it comes to baby-craving, I am a complete lady cliché. I remark that my own ovaries are rotting between bites of huevos rancheros at brunch. I joke about having a back-up plan that involves “accidentally” getting knocked up by someone handsome, successful, and smart. Just this morning, I got an email from a pregnant friend, who is due any day now, telling me she was having minor contractions and I got teary-eyed. So, when I read the headline “Women ‘should freeze ovaries in their twenties’,” I felt the urge to mentally flagellate myself for being nearly 31 with only Trader Joe’s mac ‘n’ cheese in my freezer. Fertility scare tactics work like a charm on me. But not this one!Plenty of women have opted to freeze their eggs for safe-keeping should fertility issues arise in their 30s and 40s, but Dr. Sherman Silber argues that removing, freezing, and storing pieces of the ovary itself guarantees thousands more eggs and a higher chance of having a baby. “Maybe women are being misled into thinking one cycle of egg freezing is going to give them security – and that’s absolutely not true,” he said. He also argued that younger women should have the ovary freezing procedure. “Women who are 25 or 28, some of them are not that concerned yet and might think they will meet the right man in the next few years. But they don’t know what turn their life is going to take.” Gah! The unknown!

However, other experts say that freezing ovarian tissue is a relatively new procedure that’s still being developed. Look, I know that I may not end up meeting the right dude to have a baby with before my ovaries start putting up a fight, but it seems kind of extreme to me to have chunks of my baby maker removed and put on ice, especially before I’ve found my first gray hair. But what do you guys think? [The Independent]