Beauty Test Drive: Kate Spade’s New Eau De Parfum, Twirl

Watermelon wouldn’t be our first choice for an eau de parfum. Who shops for fragrances thinking, “Hey, I’d really like to smell like a watermelon today?” To be more accurate, the official scents in Kate Spade’s new eau de parfum Twirl are “pink watermelon, blackberry and red current with additional notes of orange blossom, star jasmine, sweet magnolia, and French macaron.” I would describe Twirl as “chic fruity”: you’ll smell like a fancy lady who shops at Kate Spade, but one with a whimsical and girly side. Twirl smells spring-like to me, but Kate Spade introduced it during September, so … huh. For what it’s worth, my boyfriend thought I smelled too sickly sweet. But that might just mean Twirl is a daytime fragrance for lunch with your girlfriends rather than a night in with your dude. And sure, I loved the packaging on Twirl, but if I really wanted to shop at Kate Spade, I might spend my pennies on their $20 “perfect red” lipstick or $350 Karolina heels instead. [$80, Kate Spade]