Where To Shop For Your Man (If Your Man Isn’t A Tool)

Last month, we wrote up a list of the places where you shouldn’t shop for your man (unless your man is a tool). While such a cautionary message is important, we mustn’t ignore the non-douches of the world, those wonderful men who would rather not wear camo cargo shorts and message T-shirts alluding to the size of their penis. With that in mind, we’ve composed a list of places that can usually be counted on to stock affordable, flattering men’s clothing. Check out our picks and weigh in with your own ideas after the jump!In no particular order, our top five choices for non-douchey men’s fashion:

Banana Republic and Gap: BR is a reliable source for cute sweaters and professional wear, and I would be very surprised to find any of their button-up shirts embroidered with a Chinese dragon. Gap is great for not-too-expensive jeans, T-shirts, and peacoats.

American Apparel: I know, I know, this company is run by, like, the world’s biggest douchebag, but when it comes to shirts, hoodies, and jackets in an array of solid colors, you can’t beat it.

Ben Sherman: This British-based brand makes cool men’s clothing inspired by swinging ’60s London style.

Eddie Bauer: Sure, the store’s target demographic might be 60-year-old bankers who have recently retired to their fishing getaways in Idaho, but EB has a surprising number of flattering basics, warm coats, and rad flannel button-ups.

Threadless: When only T-shirts will do, Threadless is the place to go, with hundreds (maybe millions?) of unique designs.

We’d love to hear your ideas! What else would you add to the list?