20 Things Couples Should Stop Doing After They Move In Together

Last week I told you about 20 things couples should do before they move in together. Hopefully, you’re clear on what needs to be done before you move in with your sweetie, but you may still be confused about what changes need to happen once you start sharing an address and merging your lives a little more intimately. Let me help clarify things for you. After the jump, 20 things couples should stop doing once they move in together (if they haven’t already).

  1. Using prime closet space to hoard old letters, notebooks, sheet music from a third grade piano recital, and any other memorabilia that should be contained in a box or two in the attic, basement or storage room.
  2. Buying any large item for the home without clearing it with your significant other.
  3. Going to the bathroom with the door open.
  4. Sleeping in separate beds.
  5. Changing into your sweats as soon as you get home.
  6. Hanging posters of girls in bikinis on the bedroom wall.
  7. Hanging a “Kittens In Wigs” calendar on the bedroom wall.
  8. Shopping at PB Teen.
  9. Spending every holiday apart.
  10. Leaving wet towels on the bed.
  11. Planning your future like you’re the only person in it.
  12. Eating beans before bed.
  13. Avoiding your significant other’s family.
  14. Sleeping in the same T-shirt every night for a month.
  15. Spending all night on Facebook.
  16. Leaving the toilet paper roll empty.
  17. Being a Nazi about your TV shows and favorite movies.
  18. Practicing guitar (or your instrument of choice) in the living room every evening.
  19. Putting the Brita pitcher back in the fridge empty.
  20. Hoping something better will come along.