Feminists Say Lad Mags Should Be On The Top Shelf Next To Porn

Wondering what happened to your Maxim magazine? An activist group in the U.K. — that calls itself Object — storms into stores and magazine stands throughout London once a month on “Feminist Fridays,” stuffing lad mags into paper bags scribbled with phrases like “This magazine dehumanizes women! Don’t buy it! and “Love women, hate sexism!” Object say lad mags like Maxim (former employer of our dear Amelia, as well as John DeVore) and the U.K.’s Zoo are just watered-down versions of porn magazines like Hustler and even if they aren’t as, um, gynecologically educational as pornographic magazines, they’re just as raunchy and disrespectful in their depictions of women. Earlier this year, Zoo’s advice columnist joked that a man should “cut [his] ex’s face so no one will want her.” Ha … ha? Although Object would prefer that lad mags and porn mags both disappear entirely, they would be content if Maxim and its ilk were placed on the top shelf at magazine stands next to the hardcore porn. A couple of British chain stores like Tesco and WH Smith have relented and moved the mags farther from the eyes of children. Do you agree that magazines like FHM, Stuff and Maxim should be treated like Playboy? Or do you think it’s a little heavy-handed to lump them all together? [Guardian]