Nordstrom’s New Boutique Puts Charity Centerstage

Blackbook informs us that shopping giant Nordstrom will be setting up a non-profit shop in New York City’s Soho neighborhood. The high-design charity boutique is an already-existing concept, and a successful one at that. Merci, a concept store in Paris, was founded by the past owners of Bonpoint, a fancy children’s clothing line. After selling Bonpoint, the owners created their own children’s charity and a boutique whose entire proceeds benefit it (after paying all costs). Merci has become one of the most-respected style spots in Paris. Now Nordstrom is doing something similar, opening a boutique to benefit non-profit organizations. The shop won’t be branded as a Nordstrom outlet, however, and will instead exist as an independent entity. This is a smart move for the department store, which has been engaging in re-branding to become hipper and more cutting edge. Will this do-gooder effort change their brand completely? We say: it’s unlikely to cause a complete change considering the Nordstrom name won’t be attached to it. However, here is one more move in which Nordstrom is smartly curating a more sophisticated customer and listening to what people care about. Hopefully, this will influence a non-profit shopping trend wave. What do you think? [Blackbook]