Fall TV Guide: “The Walking Dead” Was Halloween-tastic

Two months ago, Sunday night was the best night for television thanks to the “True Blood” and “Mad Men” double header. Now we get a series that combines elements of both. “The Walking Dead” is the new series from AMC, the channel that brought you “MM.” And it’s a gross-out monster shocker, in the vein of “TB.” In the series, Sheriff Rick wakes up from being shot to find that the world has been overrun by zombies, aka “walkers.” He’s on a quest to find his wife and son. Little does he know that they’ve presumed him dead and joined with a band of survivors, one of whom his wife has taken up with. The show is gorgeously shot in a creepy way. The scenes where he shoots a little girl zombie and takes cover in a tank swarmed by zombies got gasps from me. I may even watch on a night that isn’t Halloween.