Election Day Is Tomorrow — Tell Us Why You’re Going To Vote!

As if you could forget with all the attack ads gumming up TV right now, tomorrow is Election Day. Presidential elections are definitely a lot more exciting, but midterms are actually pretty important, too. If you care about forwarding President Obama’s agenda — or would give all the Girl Scout cookies in your cupboard to stop him in his tracks — then you’ll want to send someone to Washington who’ll represent your interests. And for those of you who live in states electing a governor right now (hello, my home state of Connecticut), you definitely want to send someone to the capital who shares your views on local issues like the environment, education and the death penalty. I, for one, will be schlepping home after work to tomorrow just so I can vote against a candidate I ha-a-a-a-ate.

Will y’all be voting tomorrow? What’s motivating you to vote? Is there a particular candidate you passionately support, or like me, someone you desperately want to keep out of office? Send me an email at {encode=”[email protected]” title=”[email protected]”} or let us know in the comments. Tomorrow we’ll publish everyone’s stories in a big ol’ post. Make sure to let us know what state you’re voting in. Yay, democracy!

One more thing: you know the guy you were going to vote for eats newborn babies, right?