What Are Your Must-Haves For Hosting A Great Halloween Party?

Halloween isn’t just a kids’ holiday. Adults can get in the Halloween spirit too by hosting their own adult Halloween party. After the jump, some Halloween party tips. What are your must-haves for a bumpin’ Halloween bash? Please share in the comments.

“Cocktails. Lots of Halloween-inspired cocktails. Using little Halloween novelties, such as eyeballs and vampire teeth, add a little dash of Halloween to each drink. Having three to five different Halloween cocktails, such as a zombie, witches brew, Frankenstein, vampire bite, and Bloody Mary, will give your guests a great variety and will keep them happy all night.” – Kathlyn, Danbury, NH

“Every Halloween party needs candles in a variety of colors. I always make sure to have a few black, red, orange, purple, green and white candles. I light them throughout the house in areas where they are unlikely to be knocked into.” – Gabriella, Ash Springs, NV

“Contests and games. Adults love to play silly games and vote on which man and which woman has the best costume. I put a bowl with some paper squares and pencils on the main table and make sure each guest places their votes for the best costumes. The winners get a cool gift like a bottle of champagne or Halloween candies. For games, we do things like pin the leg on the spider and a scavenger hunt.” – Audrey, Carbondale, IL

“I have to have my tables where I am serving things decorated to the hilt. I use festive tablecloths, fake spider webbing, little novelties, Halloween confetti and mini jack-o-lanterns. This always seems to get everyone in the Halloween mood.” – Sydney, Brooklyn Park, MN

“Pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns. I always carve ten jack-o-lanterns in a variety of scary shapes and put mini flashlights in them to light them up. I also place eight, non-carved pumpkins throughout my apartment to make it more festive.” – Abby, New York City

“I always have to have candy corn at my party. It is a Halloween classic. I also make sure to have plenty of apple cider, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, for all of my guests.” – Brecklyn, Los Angeles, CA

“I always make up little gift bags for all of my guests. I put some classic Halloween candies in them and mini, flashing pumpkin necklaces. I pass these out as my guests leave.” – Victoria, Bentleyville, OH

“Spooky music is my staple. I find a ton of spooky and scary tunes and make a playlist. I make sure to find enough music to last for at least four hours when played continuously.” – Lindy, Cave Creek, AZ

“My Halloween parties always include various scary pranks. My guests expect to be scared a few times throughout the party. I will have people pop out of closets, real-looking spiders falling from the ceiling, eyeballs and fake spiders mixed in the dips, etc.” – Chelsey, Emporia, VA

“I always center my Halloween party around a murder mystery. We do it like the old Clue board game. We plant clues and everyone plays a character. It is always so interesting to find out who the killer is and who the victim will be.” – Alexie,Topeka, KS

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