What Do You Think Of This Short Film Tavi Story Produced?

Up until recently, fashion blogger Tavi’s professional work in the fashion industry could be called “gimmicky”—projects that rely on Tavi’s character as a young blogger. Yet lately, the smart fashion enthusiast has chosen to remain behind the scenes of her work. Like in this video she produced in collaboration with Alia Raza and Derek Blasberg and starring Julia Restoin-Roitfeld. We’re not exactly clear on what “story produced” means. The Cut refers to her as the screenwriter, but the clip has no words, so we’re assuming Tavi came up with Roitfeld’s actions, costume ideas, and props.This short was created for Six Scents, a collective that recruits up-and-coming designers to create special perfumes. This short (along with several others) will play at Six Scents’ launch parties. The story: a wordless telling of Medusa’s rape. It’s certainly heavy content and the props do get a bit racy (cigarettes, alcohol), which might worry some considering Tavi’s age. Thoughts? [The Cut]