Were You Happy With The “Project Runway” Finale?

I don’t want to enrage anyone who hasn’t seen last night’s “Project Runway” finale, in which the winner was named, so click after the jump for MAJOR OMG SPOILERS. So, for weeks leading up to the “P-Run” finale, I’ve been seeing tons of people writing on the internet that Mondo was a shoo-in to win, that a conclusion hath never been more clearly foreseen in the history of reality TV! Whenever a large group of people are saying that it’s obvious who is going to win something, I usually think that person is getting the winner’s edit, designed to fool the audience into not being able to guess who really is going to win. I haven’t been paying as close attention to the show this season as I usually do, because I have a disease called “Can’t Help But Multitask While I Watch TV Syndrome,” but I thought if anyone was going to steal Mondo’s thunder, it would be Gretchen. And I was right!

Last night, Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and guest judge Jessica Simpson awarded Gretchen with the top prize for her very wearable collections of sophisticated crunchy-granola separates (middle). It was clear the decision was a tough one, as Mondo certainly put forth a beautiful, if more cartoon-y collection of his own (left), which Simpson, for her part, seemed to prefer. (The third runner-up, the guy who grew up on a Hawaiian farm with the mohawk? His collection, right, didn’t stand a chance against these two.) Gretchen’s history as the show’s resident bossy bitch, I think, hurt her in the court of public opinion, especially contrasted with Mondo’s sweet likability and personal story — he’s been living with HIV for the last 10 years. But in the end, I think the right designer won. What do you think?