Top 10 Reasons I Love My Sorel Boots

As soon as fall rolls around and the temperature dips below 70 degrees or so, I break out my giant Sorel snow boots and wear them pretty much constantly until the following May. I love them so hard. After the jump, my top 10 reasons why I love ‘em and why you should consider getting a pair.

  1. They’re so bulky and ugly that they cross over into being cute again. At least that’s what I tell myself.
  2. Said bulky ugliness contrasts beautifully with feminine dresses and textured hosiery.
  3. They’re completely waterproof, which allows for gratuitous puddle-jumping.
  4. When my friend Martha’s heel broke at a wedding, luckily, I had my Sorels in the trunk of my car to seamlessly replace her strappy gold sandals. She looked ravishing in her formal gown and giant snow boots when we went out for beers later. Have I mentioned this was a summer wedding?
  5. They’re ridiculously comfortable and shockingly versatile.
  6. Sorel is getting wise to the fact that fashionable young things are buying their products and have added cute new design elements, including a houndstooth pattern and hot pink laces.
  7. They’re so heavy that simply walking around in them tones my thighs and butt better than those boat-shaped fitness shoes ever could.
  8. I wear a staggering variety of footwear: stilettos, riding boots, platforms, ballet flats, etc., but I never get hit on as often as I do when I wear my Sorels. My favorite was the guy who stopped me in the middle of the street and said, “Sweet power boots!”
  9. Speaking of, the fact that you can call them “power boots.” Try feeling meek in a pair of power boots.
  10. In the winter I have a habit of going out to get the mail wearing hot pants, a tank top, a fuzzy hat shaped like a cat face, and my Sorel boots. This is one of the reasons my neighbors don’t talk to me, and I really enjoy my privacy.