Man Waterboards Girlfriend For Allegedly Cheating

This story will make you worry not just about the state of our country, but humanity in general. A Nebraska man named Trevor Case is being charged with domestic assault, making terrorist threats, and false imprisonment. Why? He allegedly waterboarded his girlfriend. The 22-year-old suspected his girlfriend was cheating on him and wanted to punish her for the alleged infidelities. He waited until she came home and then tackled her to the ground, tied her to a couch, stuffed socks in her mouth, and placed a shirt over her face. He then poured a pitcher of water on her face—a sensation that makes a person feel like they are drowning. “She started freaking out and thought she wasn’t able to breathe,” said a police spokesperson. “As she was trying to get up, she clawed Case on his chest.” This CIA brand of torture wasn’t stopped until the couple’s small daughter came into the room.

Chase is pleading innocent and saying that while he fought with his girlfriend, the waterboarding incident did not occur. He says the scratches on his body are from a wrestling match with a friend.

If it’s the scenario police think, I can only hope true justice comes for this poor woman who had to suffer her boyfriend’s repulsive personal brand of punishment. [Newser]