Heidi Montag’s Mom Works As A Maid And 4 Other Celebs’ Broke Parents

Heidi Montag made some big bucks doing “The Hills.” Where else would all that backscooping money come from? But while Heidi was making and spending her $65,000 per episode salary on nips and tucks, her mom Darlene Egelhoff had to sweep and dust to make ends meet. Mama Darlene recently confessed to “Inside Edition” that she has been working as a maid to get by and has received no help from Heidi. The two stopped talking last year after Darlene criticized her daughter’s plastic surgery transformation. Even though Eglehoff has not been associated with Heidi for almost a year, she says clients still recognize her from the now canceled show. Awkward! [Hollywood Life]

Read more to find out which other parents have figured out that celebrity spawn doesn’t equal financial security.

  • Dina and Michael Lohan. These two have taken turns accusing each other of being broke and using their daughter to get money. The only problem? LiLo isn’t exactly swimming in cash—the girl may take money from PETA for her rehab treatment. And she’ll have to give up meat and dairy for the honor.
  • Steven Gyllenhaal and Naomi Foner. They may have two famous kids, but it seems that the couple didn’t think to ask them for financial help. When Jake and Maggie’s mom and dad filed for divorce, it was revealed that the pair were deep in debt and juggling loans, overdue credit card bills, and multiple mortgages. If I have learned anything from the movies—and my imagination—it is that Jake has a big heart, so I am sure that he straightened it all out. [TMZ]
  • David Olsen. The Olsen Twins have taught us that making dozens of straight-to-video movies can mean lots of cash, but apparently their dad missed the money train. He appears to have gotten cut out of the cash flow when he divorced Mary-Kate and Ashley’s mom to marry his secretary. Well, karma bit back. David had to declare bankruptcy and have his house go into foreclosure. [Celebitchy]
  • Judy Haim. Before his unfortunate death, Corey Haim and his mom were struggling. The two were living together to save money. At the time of his death, Haim had already filed for bankruptcy, but still owed over $200,000 dollars in taxes and medical expenses. Between the family’s debt and the cost to fly Corey’s body from Canada to his final resting place, Judy had to seek donations for Corey’s funeral. [Us Weekly]