Laura Ling Names Baby After Bill Clinton, Plus Other Celebrity Namesakes

While in captivity in North Korea, Current TV reporter Laura Ling thought she would never be able to start the family she always wanted. Thanks to the efforts of many, including Bill Clinton, who escorted her back to the land of the free, her dream has actually come true. On Wednesday, Ling and her husband welcomed daughter Li Jefferson Clayton into the world. Her first name, Li, is in honor of Laura’s sister—Lisa Ling. Awwww. And Jefferson? Well, that’s because she is so grateful for Bill Clinton’s help—Jefferson is Clinton’s middle name. (And Clayton sure sounds similar to Clinton.) A baby named after Bill Clinton? Sweet, but kind of weird, right? [People]

After the jump, more unusual baby namesakes from parents of note.

  • In truly bizarre Nicolas Cage fashion, he named his son Kal-El after Clark Kent’s Kryptonian name in “Superman.” “I thought Kal-El was an unusual name that not a lot of people knew about, and stood for something good. I’ll bet you within five or 10 years, there will be a lot more Kal-Els.” I bet not. [Exposay]
  • Rachel Griffiths and her husband were singing a happy tune when they named their son Banjo after poet Banjo Patterson. []
  • Penn Jillette of “Penn & Teller” fame wasn’t joking around when he named his baby boy Zolten, after Dracula’s dog. Let’s hope that Zolten does not grow up to be a vampire. [USA Today]
  • Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale were paying homage to the late, great Bob Marley with the name Zuma Nesta Rock. Nesta was Bob’s middle name. Jah mon! [E! Online]
  • Rocker John Mellencamp named his son Hud after Paul Newman’s character in the movie “Hud.” Hardcore, dude. [IMDB]
  • Demi Moore and Bruce Willis really liked the book To Kill A Mockingbird, hence they named their daughter Scout. [The Fashion Spot]