8 Celebs With Embarrassing Parents

celebs with embarrassing parents lyn patridge jpg
In order to drown the sorrow spurned by her daughter’s elimination from “Dancing With the Stars,” Audrina Patridge’s mother, Lyn Patridge, hit the bottle a little too hard at L.A. restaurant, Beso. What ensued was a very sloppy, very embarrassing, drunken rant. The video is a little too potty-mouthed for me to post, but you can watch it here. And I strongly suggest you do. I’ll just give you the greatest hits. She starts off slow, “Audrina is going to f**king rise. She’s got class. She’s a Polish, Catholic, f**king full-on Italian. Not only that, she was raised right. And I don’t give a s**t. It’s all American.” But wait … there’s more. “Lauren Conrad’s pissy ass little fashion s**t. That bitch wants to bring it on? Let’s go!” And finally, “F**king ‘Hills’ tramps, my baby’s a star!”

I am mortified for Audrina. And, selfishly, I’m looking forward to seeing much more of Lyn Patridge on Audrina’s new reality show, which is officially happening by the way.

After the jump, some more celebs and the family members they try hard to keep far away from the spotlight. [Huffington Post]

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