10 Halloween Costumes For Lazy People

Lazy Costumes Ideas
Oopsie! It’s two days until Halloween and I haven’t lifted a finger to try to find a costume. Yes, I am that person who could care less about dressing up for Halloween. Don’t judge me, I’m just lazy about that kind of stuff. I am like some kind of rare-blooming plant. About every 10 years I get inspired and some amazing costume springs forth. But once All Hallow’s Eve has passed, I’m back to being lazy again … for the next 10 years. My official Halloween motto is: When in doubt, wear a snout. I’m thinking about this lovely elephant snout for the party I’m going to on Saturday. Only $2.99! Thoughts? You don’t have to spend a lot of time or money prepping for Halloween. Click through to see some costume options for the lazy proud – many of which I’ve actually rocked in the past. [Halloween Adventure]
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