We Help Celine Dion Name Her Babies

Celine Dion gave birth to her twin boys on Saturday. But the little dudes still don’t have names yet. “I’ve read nearly 15,000 names,” the singer, 42, tells French magazine Gala, “and nothing has stuck.”“Because [my other son] René-Charles goes to school in the United States, he’s suggested English first names. My mother, on the other hand, has been hinting about very French first names and we’re going a little bit crazy trying to decide.” [People]

Don’t worry, Celine. We’ve got some name ideas for you!

  1. Que and Bec. The Beckhams named son Brooklyn after the city where he was conceived. Why shouldn’t Celine honor the province she’s from with her twins?
  2. Prince # 1 and Prince # 2. Hey, Michael Jackson did it.
  3. Siegfried and Roy. Since Celine is such a Las Vegas girl.
  4. Tenor and Alto. To make sure they have some musical talent.
  5. Rene and Charles. Since she combined them the first time around, she must like both parts a lot.
  6. Squash and Kale. Gwyneth taught us that fruit names are for girls. So vegetable names must be for boys.
  7. Jack and Rose. To honor the movie that made her a superstar. Yeah, it might suck to be a boy named Rose, but when your mom is Celine Dion, and you’re, like, the richest kid on the planet, it’ll be OK.
  8. Help and Us. No explanation needed.
  9. Vocal and Chord. To bring good luck to hers.
  10. Caesar and Colosseum. Since her stage show has been at the Colosseum theater at Caesar’s Palace since 2003.