Today’s Lady News: Joy Behar Told Sharron Angle To “Go To Hell, B-Word”

  • Nevada Republican Senate nominee Sharron Angle is one of the scariest politicians I know of. She believes a woman or girl who got pregnant via incest or rape should be forced to give birth — but Joy Behar should not have called her a “bitch” and said Angle is “going to hell.” “The View” aired Sharron Angle’s latest TV commercial, which some say portrays Latinos as a threat to white people. When it was done airing, Behar called Angle “a moron on top of being evil” and said she’s “going to hell, this bitch.” Point taken, Joy, but calling a female politician a bee-yotch? Not helpful. [Entertainment Weekly]
  • Activists are holding a Big Fat Kiss-In outside of Marie Claire’s offices tomorrow (Friday) to protest against that blog post by writer Maura Kelly in which she said she’s “grossed out” by fat people. The kiss-in starts at 6 p.m. and will be at Hearst Tower on 57th Street at 8th Ave. in New York City. []
  • Asked by Diane Sawyer how many women would be enough for the Supreme Court, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said, “Nine. There’ve been nine men there for a long time, right? So why not nine women?” [Women & Politics]

  • New York City’s City Council heard testimonies today about street harassment and catcalling and heard from women with suggestions on how to curb sexual harassment in public. Some suggestions included a public awareness campaign and “no harassment zones” near schools. [Washington Post]
  • Breast pumps and other breastfeeding supplies will not be eligible for tax breaks because they are not “medical expenses,” the Internal Revenue Service has ruled. The American Academy of Pediatrics has asked the IRS to view the costs related to nursing as “medical expenses.” [Ms. Magazine]
  • Anti-abortion activists have claimed 17 aborted fetuses were found in the dumpster outside an abortion clinic in Lansing, Michigan. The local police department, however, said only biomedical waste and medical records were found in the trash. Nonetheless, a state representative held a press conference yesterday to announce a bill that would require the clinics to bury or cremate the fetuses if the parent requests it. [The State News]
  • Editors from Essence, an African-American women’s lifestyle magazine, spoke with NPR about its decision to include a lesbian couple in a wedding column on [NPR]
  • Women who work in the oil industry recently attended the Women’s Global Leadership Conference in Energy & Technology to talk about getting ahead in this heavily male-dominated field. [Houston Chronicle]
  • Sgt. Sherri Gallagher, 26, a rifle shooter/instructor, has been named the U.S. Army’s Soldier of the Year. [Fort Leavenworth Lamp]
  • A Muslim feminist asks, “Is Muslim feminism more than just talking about the hijab?” [Muslimah Media Watch]
  • Music industry experts discuss why Taylor Swift’s “good girl” image sells. Um, ever consider maybe her music is good? [MSNBC]


  • The Caledonian Club, a dinner club in London for Scots, has announced it will admit female club members after 119 years of exclusion. The womenfolk have been allowed inside the club for the past 20 years as Lady Associate Members, which meant they were forbidden from the club’s bar and smoking room. Lifting the ban also means men will be allowed in the Ladies’ Drawing Room without being accompanied by a Lady Associate Member. Watch out, things are going to get cah-ra-zy. [Scotsman]
  • A lesbian woman in Uganda whose name was listed in a magazine as one of the “top 100 homosexuals” said crowds of people threw rocks at her house and screamed at her. Unfortunately, a Ugandan politician said an “anti-gay” bill to make homosexuality a crime punishable by life in prison or the death penalty may become law “soon.” [CNN]
  • Caster Semenya, the intersex runner who made headlines last year when there was a dispute regarding whether she was “female” enough to compete in women’s races, is struggling to find corporate sponsorship “because of the negative publicity,” said her manager. [The Grio]