Ryan Kwanten To Play Charles Manson

Two weeks ago, we told you about a movie in the works called “Manson Girls,” starring Thora Birch and Nikki Blonksy as two young women drawn into the grizzly thrall of Charles Manson. Apparently, there is also a second Manson flick in the works, called “The Family,” the name given to Manson’s followers who committed multiple murders in 1969. And it’s just been announced who will play Charles Manson in the film—Ryan Kwanten, aka Jason Stackhouse on “True Blood.” We love Ryan and know he will do a great job of playing this totally creepy and evil historical figure. But did they have to pick someone for the role who is so freaking attractive? We don’t want to be lusting after Charles Manson. Please, just have him keep his shirt on for the entire film. [TV Guide]