Rachel Dratch Met Her Baby Daddy At A Bar

Rachel Dratch had been keeping the identity of her baby daddy on the DL. But she is finally revealing who’s the father of three-month-old Eli Benjamin. Drumroll please … Actually, it’s no one we’ve ever heard of. He’s a random dude named John Wahl. Don’t get out of your chair. The part I’m obsessed with is their love story. Rachel met him at a bar about a year ago. She was 43 and says she had made peace with not being able to be a mother at that point. But surprise! Six months into their relationship, she was knocked up. The dude was naturally floored. But he embraced the situation and moved to New York to be closer to Rachel and Eli.

You just never know what will happen in life, do you? Who says you can’t meet a nice guy at bar? [People]