From Wall Street To Waffles: Trading In The Life You Have For The Life You Want

Julie Gerstein | October 28, 2010 - 3:30 pm

New Yorker Garrett Hoelscher spent three years in investment banking before he decided he really couldn’t take it anymore. That’s when he traded in his business suits for a waffle iron and hatched a plan to sell waffles on the tops of ski mountains. His business, Waffle Shrine, has yet to sell a single waffle, but Hoelscher is hoping he can create a mountaintop waffle empire in the next few years. His first waffling wonder will be on a mountain in Aspen, CO, and the company’s business plan includes an explanation of just how good the waffles will smell: “There will be no foul odors produced by our product. When baked our waffles produce a warm vanilla scented aroma that is similar to a vanilla candle, and quite pleasant. We cannot imagine that anyone would ever be offended by this fragrance.”

Hoelscher’s wonder for waffles has us inspired. It takes a lot of guts to leave a very lucrative job, after all, to sell waffles. Do you have a dream escape plan — involving waffles or otherwise — to get you through the doldrums of your day job? Tell us about it in the comments! [Business Insider]