The Latest Charlie Sheen Scandal Gets More Twisted

But wait—the story deepens. Yesterday, we told you that the police were called to Charlie Sheen’s hotel room at 2 a.m. Monday night, and that they found him naked, intoxicated, and ranting about a stolen wallet. He was taken to the hospital. His rep said he had an allergic reaction to a medication—rumors said he was doing lots of coke with a prostitute. Some even placed the prostitute hiding in the closet when the police arrived because Charlie had been throwing furniture.

Now the rumor mill is also saying that Sheen’s ex wife, Denise Richards, met this call girl over dinner at a posh New York restaurant. She supposedly excused herself when she got annoyed with Sheen’s behavior.And still more speculation says that Sheen did more than $7,000 worth of damage to his hotel suite before the police arrived—and that he was found frothing at the mouth, amid broken glass. There was even blood on the carpet.

So what does Denise have to say about all this? “Good morning!! Getting ready,” she tweeted yesterday as the story broke. “Heading to do Howard Stern this am!! Hmm what could he possibly ask this time?!?!”

Later on “The Joy Behar Show,” she gave a tad more information. “We’re in an amazing place, we’ve been getting along great for the last year, year-and-a-half,” she says. “We’re doing our best. So as far as that situation, I’m trying to protect the girls from it as much as possible … I did help him at the hospital.”

Oh Charlie. And all this is happening while he’s still on probation for domestic violence, for allegedly holding a knife up to wife Brooke Mueller’s throat.

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