Tabloid Cheat Sheet: Is Justin Timberlake The New Celebrity Cheater? Prince William and Kate To Wed?

The tabloids are all about examining celebrity relationships, real or imaginary. But this week we are in celeb couple conjecture overhaul. The gossip mags are covering all stages: new loves, cheating scandals, possible breakups, and confirmed splits. This means that Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal’s bizarro potential relationship can take a step to the left, because we have plenty of other relationship scandals to catch up on. So it’s time to get educated; read on to see what gossip “news” surprises you the most.

  • Breakup fever is spreading beyond married couples and hitting young Hollywood as well. Us Weekly says that reps for “Gossip Girl” have exclusively confirmed to the mag that Penn Badgely and Blake Lively are no more. The three-year relationship is said to have come to an end in September, but was kept quiet by both parties. Apparently, Penn and Blake are so good at staying hush-hush that the rest of the “GG” cast didn’t know about the split until recently. Maybe that is why Taylor Momsen is acting out?
  • The Us Weekly cover story this week is all about Justin Timberlake’s philandering ways, and how his most recent cheating conquest has been seducing Oliva Munn while girlfriend Jessica Biel is away shooting in Canada. And let me just say that tabloid’s insiders are getting super creepy. For the article the secret source not only knew all the details about Munn’s seductive dance for Timberlake in an NYC club, but also that they later left to have “amazing sex” at a nearby hotel. Justin was able to talk Munn into falling for him by saying that his four-year-realtionship with Biel were pretty much over and that they were just staying together for logistics. Let’s hope this story isn’t true, and that Olivia was smart enough to know that it’s OK for UPS to have logistics, but not relationships.
  • So we gave you some of the details about Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s Indian wedding, but the tabloids of course have more, because that’s their job. The pair apparently rode elephants down the aisle to a gazebo covered in flowers flown in from Holland. Perry rocked a couture wedding gown with equally pricey $7,000 heels. Guests got pampered too with an after-party that included snake charmers, fire swallowers, and a fortune-telling parrot. Not going to lie — that parrot sounds pretty awesome. [Us Weekly]

  • Step aside, Jennifer Aniston, with your two dates in a fortnight, because Kim Kardashian had four dates in just seven days. Holler! Now, a gossip mag’s definition of date is really loose, to the point that standing within five feet of someone is considered quality time. So who makes up the whirlwind of suitors that Kim has been caught standing close to? John Mayer, Kanye West, Napster co-creator Sean Parker, and her bodyguard Shengo. That’s a whole bunch of ego to fit into one week, but supposedly Kim did and decided to stay single afterward. Good choice, Kardashian.
  • Even though “Real Housewives of New Jersey“‘s Teresa Giudice told Life & Style that her marriage to Joe was staying strong throughout their financial problems, the mag has decided otherwise. L&S claims that after some digging that they have uncovered Joe’s dirty addiction to other women. Their snooping supposedly uncovered Mr. Giudice’s dates with Teresa look-a-likes, suspicious behavior with strippers, and an overall love for any kind of female attention. As a insider puts it, “When it comes to women, as long as they have breasts and legs, Joe’s interested.” Which makes me contemplate cutting off both just to ensure I am safe.
  • Haven’t you missed getting a daily dose of Kate Gosselin news? No!? Well, apparently your disinterest is really hurting her. Her show “Kate Plus 8″ has supposedly stopped production, while her upcoming program “Twist of Kate” is at risk of being canceled. This drop in popularity has lead to Kate cutting some corners, including letting her roots grow out and getting a bargain nanny. Bargain nanny? Does that mean her 15-year-old neighbor has the job? [Life & Style]

  • So before this rash of celebrity breakups, there was a split that sort of fell under the radar. Kelsey Grammer and his wife Camille of almost 14 years ended their marriage this summer, followed by Kelsey stepping out with a younger woman, flight attendant Kayte Walsh. Now, Camille has opened up to People about her struggle and her show “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” Camille admits to being totally blindsided by Kelsey’s interest in ending their relationship, saying that she found out from a friend that he was seeing another woman while he was NYC for a Broadway show. The former Ms. Grammer said she later got a call from Kelsey saying he wanted out of the marriage and had no interest in trying to make it work. Overall, Camille admits it has been hard, but that Kelsey has remained a good father to their two kids and that’s what matters most to her. That is the most mature I can remember a “real housewife” ever being.
  • Ladies, it is time to make your move. “Bachelorette” couple Ali Fedotowsky and Roberto Martinez have pushed back their upcoming spring wedding and are said to be squabbling. Unfortunately for all you Roberto piners out there, the couple isn’t in huge trouble; they are just being realistic. The two talked to People about how they have occasional fights over silly things like beating each other at Wii, but that these spats have made the relationship closer and more real. As a result the couple has decided to hold off on rushing into marriage to get to know more about each other and make sure that both of their families are comfortable with their union. Both enthusiastically ensure that the marriage will happen, just not in a few months from now.
  • Kate Middleton and Prince William were seen walking out of a church together recently, but this was no secret elopement. The royal couple was attending a friend’s wedding, but many are also insisting it was a dry run for the pair’s nuptials. With the Royal Mint already etching Kate’s face on commemorative coins and the couple stepping out together in public more often, all the world is waiting for the big engagement announcement. Meanwhile, the pair in question have been taking plenty of practice honeymoons, jetting around the world to spend quality time together on safaris and ski trips. Oh, the hard life of a future princess. [People]

  • Longtime loves Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson are said to be heading for Splitsville, now that Ashlee is rocking “breakup hair.” The problems that are supposedly plaguing the pair are due to the formation of Wentz’s new band, The Black Cards. The group features an attractive young singer, Bebe Rexha, who is causing some jealously to crop up between Ashlee and her man. Simpson is also said to be partying all the time, a pastime that is bothering Wentz now that he has a project to focus on. Ashlee’s partying is the result of her creative rut caused by acting roles drying up and recent records not selling. Where is Ryan Cabrera when you need him?
  • So there were two different tabloid stories about Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, one saying that the pair eloped and the other saying Kourtney has a revenge romance. I went with the juicer one, so revenge romance it is. Actor/model Leandro Magno is said to have made a move on Kourtney at a Miami club, and that there was some definite chemistry. Her family was ecstatic about the possibility of a new man, because both mom Kris and sister Khole have been trying to set Kourtney up with anyone but Scott for months. Disick is always in the doghouse for mistreating Kourtney, but now she is supposedly frustrated enough to respond to the male attention she is constantly getting. Took her long enough.
  • Though Kat Von D and Jesse James were said to be done, recent actions have said otherwise. The two were caught sharing kisses and a meal in West Hollywood, but some are saying the move was carefully calculated by Kat. Former friends and flames of the tattoo artist are lining up to say that Kat is skilled and dedicated to garnering publicity for herself. The same sources are saying that all her relationships are based on boosting her notoriety, not finding love. This means that James may find out what it’s like to get used, and should be ready for heartbreak when a more publicity-laden suitor comes onto Kat’s radar. [In Touch]