RIP, “The City”

The Hills” got a hugely-hyped series finale episode, complete with a trick ending. It’s cousin show, “The City,” however has gone out with a whimper. The season two finale showed Roxy Olin moving out and Whitney Port duking it out with Kelly Cutrone after going to hear what a competing PR firm had to say. And apparently, that’s how the series will end—it has not been picked up for a third season. Should we be shocked that Whitney is heading back to the left coast? “It’s always sad when one major chapter in your life comes to a close, but for me, this is the beginning of an entirely new one,” Whitney wrote on her website. “I loved filming ‘The City.’ It was just such an adventure and I’m so grateful for every opportunity it gave me. I’m so excited for whatever is next for me. There are definitely a few things in the works, but right now I’m primarily focusing on my clothing line Whitney Eve. After all, it is my baby. I’m just so happy to be back home, I can finally spend unlimited time with those I love.” [People]

And that statement is in a nutshell why the series didn’t work—Whitney is totally milquetoast. Not to mention that the show always felt 100 percent set up. Really, Whitney switched best friends after the first season? And Elle magazine keeps Olivia Palermo on staff just to pick a piece of jewelry once a month? And Roxy, don’t even get me started on her.