NYC Restaurant Selling Lady Gaga Meat Dress For $100K

Want to go the Lady Gaga meat dress route for Halloween? Well, you can get a Grade A dress even better than Gaga’s, but it will cost you. The New York City meat mavens at the Old Homestead Steakhouse have crafted a gown made of some of the best cuts meat has to offer. For a whopping $100,000 price tag. Unlike Gaga’s “very tacky” skirt steak dress, this garment is crafted with high-quality kobe beef, porterhouse, and rib eye. The daring and wealthy individual who decides to rock this frock for Halloween will also receive the bone necklace and tiara, as well as a goodie bag of Old Homestead specialties. One thing is for sure—whoever coughs up the cash for this dress will be followed by plenty of little monsters on Halloween. By which I mean rats, pigeons, and small dogs. [Gothamist]