Did You Know It’s Technically Illegal For Women To Wear Pants In Paris?

I live in Paris. And I wear pants. Which apparently means I’m in big trouble. I got a crazy talking to the other day from a man sitting next to me in a cafe when he told me what I was doing was illegal. I panicked for a second, hoping that my heroin stash hadn’t fallen out of my bag or that the security tag from my stolen shirt wasn’t showing. No, all good there, so what was the deal? “You’re wearing pants,” the creepster said. “You know it’s against the law for women to wear pants in Paris, right?” I pretended I didn’t speak French and chugged my scalding hot café so I could book it from crazy town. But when I got home to investigate the man’s claims on Google, it turns out he was right. The law was made in 1799 and stated that women wishing to dress like men had to have police permission to do so. AOL reports that a few adjustments were made to the ruling throughout the years to allow women to ride horses and bikes. And apparently, it has only been very recently that the city of Paris has tried to repeal the law, but most lawmakers say it’s an obvious waste of time. Still—pretty crazy, right? [AOL Travel]

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