Ask The Man Panel: Dystopian Romper Edition

A couple weeks ago we debuted a new feature, “Ask The Man Panel,” wherein we solicit guys’ opinions on clothing and fashion trends. We kicked things off with a $6,000 Marie Antoinette-inspired shoe, and today we showed them this, um, unique outfit from Alexander Wang, which includes a $600 hooded romper and a model who seems to be suffering from severe depression.

Let’s see what the men had to say … Paul, 31: Is it wrong that my first impression involved uniforms from a made-up prison porn film?

Nick, 24: It’s like a fisherman’s summer wardrobe.

Damien, 33: Vagina wedgie!

Henry, 26: It’s nice to know that even when society descends into a nightmarish dystopia, Ingsoc will at least provide onesie sleepwear for the huddled masses. I’m surprised Orwell left that part out.

Kyle, 22: What a strange, messed-up footy-pajama/grim reaper/grandma-ass-making jumpsuit.

Chris, 29: Replace that “belt” on the back with a butt-flap and you have yourself the most fashionable long johns this side of the Mississippi.