Oksana Grigorieva, J-Woww, And Other Celebs Who’ve Said No To Playboy Offers

turned down j woww jpg
Jenni J-Woww Farley might wear bedazzled boy-shorts as if they were pants, but she isn’t about to take them off for Playboy. She has turned down a request to pose for the mag, even though the offer was reportedly for $400,000. JWoww said, “I am not going to do Playboy in the near future… There is a better opportunity out there, which everybody will probably see soon.” Most think this “better opportunity” is a possible “Jersey Shore” spin-off show with her bestie, Snooki. Which makes us want to eat a pickle. [Huffington Post]

I guess we will just have to rely on our imaginations if we want to see J-Woww sans clothes. In her honor, here are some other ladies who turned down Playboy.

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