Have It Your Way: Urban Now Matches Lipstick To Anything (Yes, Anything)

While the customized movement in fashion makes us think we’re getting something special and personalized, too often it leaves us wanting more (we guess you could call that entitlement). For those who like things “just so,” there’s now Urban Outfitters’ new custom makeup color mail-in program, which is just as awesome as it sounds. Looking for a lipstick to match your favorite dress? A gloss in the same shade as that sunset you snapped outside your window? A hue (that no one makes) to complement your go-to nail polish? Now you can send in color samples in any form (fabric swatches, objects, images), and have Urban make it into a lipstick or lip gloss. (According to Nylon, you can even send in your favorite discontinued cosmetics, and they’ll re-create them.) For $55, you get three tubes, which, as far as the customized thing goes, is a very good price for it all. What do you think? We’re already exploding with ideas to send in! [Nylon]