Do Not Want: BeardHead Hats

Oh no. Please tell us this is a joke. The New York Daily News reports that a California company called BeardHats is actually … successful? People are wearing these? In public? And here we had thought the beard accessory trend was on the decline. Damn you, cold weather! You bring out the fools and crazies! Check out some more fun after the jump—a look back at some of the weirder beard-related buys we’ve seen. [New York Daily News]
Before BeardHats, there was this chick selling felt beard masks on Etsy. Lesson #1 in How to Not Look Cool.

Ew! A New Jersey man once posted to Craigslist an ad for his “used beard.” And that didn’t come cheap! $50?!

Lookin’ classy—a mustache can keep you warm, too. One Etsy seller capitalizes on the mustache fad by sticking it on a scarf. [Etsy]

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