6 Celebrities Who’ve Had Ghostly Encounters

Lady Gaga just dropped $5K for a Ghostbuster machine to do a “spirit-seeking sweep” of one of the London venues on her Monster’s Ball tour. See, she believes that evil spirits are haunting her. We are serious. One of her aides had to buy the kit, which includes an electro-magnetic field reader. Owner of the “ghost-busting firm,” Dan Webb told the Sunday Mirror, “Her aide said the gear had to be robust as they were ­taking it on the road, so they must be doing this every­where Lady Gaga is performing.” If I were a ghost, I would totally go on tour with a band! [Radar Online]

I guess that ghosts are just like us—celebrity-obsessed—since so many celebrities have had their own ghost encounters. More after the jump.

  • Lisa Rinna did an episode of “Celebrity Ghost Stories” on the Biography Channel where she talked about the ghost that lives in her husband’s (and now her) home. Apparently, when her first daughter was 6 weeks old, she started laughing and seemed to be talking to someone who wasn’t there. When her second daughter, Emilia, was a baby, she heard loud giggling on their baby monitor between spaces of silence. When she went into her daughter’s room, she saw a woman standing over the crib. Freaky! [Biography]
  • Michelle Williams has said that she has been visited by ex-fiancée Heath Ledger’s ghost on several occasions. Apparently, he visited her three months after his death at 3 a.m. and she awoke to her bedroom furniture being moved before seeing a shadowy figure that looked like Heath. The second time he visited, Williams said that he apologized for not helping her to raise their daughter Matilda. So, so sad. [MSN Malaysia]
  • Academy Award winner Jack Lemmon said in 1989 that he had been visited by a spirit three times in one week. He was alone in his dressing room when someone opened and slammed the door. At first, the actor thought someone was playing a prank on him, but he realized no one would do that with “a guy of his age.” The theater staff told Lemmon that it was most likely the ghost of a former stage manager, George Buxton, who had died there about 50 years prior and had a reputation for making sure everything was tidy and doors were shut. I wish I had a ghost tidying up my things. [Ezine Articles]
  • The always entertaining Matthew McConaughey once said that he and his mansion’s ghost, who he calls Madame Blue, “get along just fine.” The actor once said in an interview, “When I first moved in, I had a tent and I put it up on the floor of the upstairs bedroom with my sleeping bag and my dog. That’s when I first saw Madame Blue. The first night I’m hearing noises, I’m hearing bass sounds, wood moving and coyotes … So, I get up out of the tent with my dog Miss Hud and I’m running around buck naked and I’ve got a bat so I’m gonna go and investigate. I go downstairs and there’s nothing there. I now know it was here because I have seen her since. She has no qualms with me. She’s a cool ghost. Maybe me being nude all the time is why we get along!” Yup, that’s all it would take for me to like you too, Matt! [RameysRealm]
  • When FHM asked the late Anna Nicole Smith what the kinkiest sex she’d ever had was, she said, “Well … a ghost would crawl up my leg and have sex with me at an apartment a long time ago in Texas. I used to think it was my boyfriend, and one day I woke up and it wasn’t. It was, like, a spirit and it—woo! [miming a ghost flying from under her sheets]—went up! I was freaked out about it, but then I was like, ‘Well, you know what? He’s never hurt me and he just gave me some amazing sex so I have no problem.'” Which is really the most amazing way to take a sexy ghost encounter. [FHM]