8 Things You Shouldn’t Do If You’re Denying Dating Someone

So, supposedly, Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent aren’t dating. Our beloved Chelz has gone out of her way to tell us this, on repeat. But then over the weekend, she apparently brought Fiddy to one of her good friend’s birthday parties. And introducing a cute guy to your friends is, well, fairly couple-y behavior. If she really wants these rumors to go away, she should just keep her distance from 50 Cent. At least in public. [People]

After the jump, more things you should avoid if you want people to believe you’re not dating the person you’re denying seeing.

  • Don’t have business meetings after hours at jazz clubs. After they were spotted “canoodling” at a New Orleans club, Chelsea tweeted, “I met with Mr. Cent about a potential project.” If that were true, might I suggest a daytime meeting?
  • Don’t place your hand on your lover’s rump in sight of paparazzi. A la Gerard Butler’s much-circulated Jennifer Aniston butt grab.
  • Don’t travel to their hometown to meet their parents. Talking to you, not-couple Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas.
  • Don’t hole yourself up for days in a recording studio for an album that never appears. That one is directed at Billy Corgan and Jessica Simpson.
  • Don’t have your reps publicly deny it. When Christina Aguilera’s reps went into defense mode on the rumor that she’s dating Samantha Ronson and said, “[It’s] a good, longtime friendship and nothing more than that,” the rumor seemed slightly more potentially true.
  • Don’t take the same plane if you’re going on vacation together. If Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper had staggered their arrivals in Spain, they could have played it as a coincidence.
  • Don’t pose for a magazine spread in which you play house. Brad and Angelina!