Stupid Study Says Guys With Lots Of Sisters Aren’t Sexy!

In a dream world, where my uterus wasn’t running out of time, childbirth was painless, and kids behaved like angels, I would have four kids: three girls, one boy. Unfortunately, in the real world, my son, having grown up surrounded by girls, would be viewed as “less sexy” by women as an adult. That’s according to a study conducted at the University of Texas and published in the journal Psychological Science, which says that men who grow up with a lot of female siblings will have less sex as adults.So, how did the study come to this conclusion? By studying human beings over the course of multiple decades? Of course not! The study was done on rats. According to, “the male rats who were raised solely with female rats — their “sisters” — were found to be less sexually active later on than the male rats who were raised with other male rats.” Apparently, in the company of rats raised among females, female rats didn’t do their typical mating dance (called a “dart-hop”) that indicates she’s game to get down. Researchers think this behavior applies to human beings because “it tells you that families are important — how many brothers and sisters you have, and the interaction among those individuals … Families are particularly important in shaping personalities. The environment where you were raised doesn’t determine personality, but it helps to shape it.”

Um, yeah. I know they’re the scientists and I’m just a person who blogs about Ryan Gosling and stupid studies, but I call bulls**t on this conclusion, especially since they didn’t appear to look for any proof among actual human beings. What about you guys? Do you know any guys who grew up surrounded by women who turned out to be unsuccessful with the ladies as an adult? [Time]