Cheapskate: Lands’ End Canvas Does The Preppy Look For Less

You know we’re big fans of J.Crew, over here. But we’re not fans of the Crew’s oftentimes ridiculous prices. We still haven’t figured out why most of the shoes are upwards of $200! But instead of complaining (some more), we decided to check out Lands’ End Canvas, which has preppy yet slightly urban wardrobe staples similar to J.Crew. Lands’ End Canvas is affordable enough so that you don’t need a trust fund to get more than one piece. Check out some of our favorites after the jump.

Cheapskate: Lands’ End Canvas
Women’s Boatneck Sailor Tee, $29.50
Women’s Sweater Coat, $120
Women’s Bootleg Cords, $44.50
Women’s Hooded Cardigan, $69.50
Women’s Pattern Poplin Shirt, $39.50
Wonen’s Stretch Riding Pants, $59.50
The Heritage Poor Boy Turtleneck Sweater, $23.99
Women’s Silk Shirtdress, $59.99
The Heritage Cardigan, $39.50
Women’s Rugby Shirt, $39.50
Women’s Open Neck Sweater, $24.99
Women’s Cable Sweater, $24.99
Women’s Fitted Flare Stretch Jeans, $59.50
Women’s Suede Heels, $89.50
Canvas Work Bag, $22.99
Canvas 1963 Washed Tote, $49.50