Ask The Astrosexologist: Will My Pisces Ex Try To Win Me Back?

I am a Taurus woman and my guy is a Pisces. We started going out in March and it was going really well. Although we were busy with our classes, we still made time for each other. Initially we would go out during the weekends, but then he started asking to hang out with me in between classes. Although we felt like we were already in a relationship, he told me that he wanted to start being in an official relationship with me after summer, because he and his ex started out long distance before, and they didn’t work out. Two days before we leave to go back home, he tells me that it seems like we’re already in a relationship, but I reminded him of what he said before, so we decided to start our relationship only after summer.

We communicated every two days or so when we each got home, and he even took a 14-hour trip to see me! We were good until mid-July/early-August. Then, when I decided to email him, he responded with a really short response. I wrote back, and then, nothing! We got back to school and I had to be the one to ask him what was up. My friends were against me texting him, but I wanted answers, as I wanted to know what happened, as we were doing so well before. When I met up with him, he said that he was sorry, but he was afraid to tell me that he didn’t want a relationship now, as he was going to be extremely busy this year. Then, when I pressed on, he said that his feelings for me had changed as well (the time when he went MIA on me).

We decided to be friends. For now, we’re over, but is there any chance of us getting back together? Despite what he did to me, I would take him back if he was willing to try again. Will he try to apologize, and try to win me back? Or should I just move on? Please help me, thank you! – Taurus Lady

I’m no mind reader, but I can tell you that Pisces guys do tend to go from moment to moment and aren’t the most consistent when it comes to long-term emotional planning. The fact that he set up this rule to not be serious until school resumed, then flaked after coming to see you this summer is not good. When it comes to your future with Pisces, you’re going to have to just let it go. Who knows what can happen, but nothing good will come if you keep holding onto it as it stands right now.

Obviously his emotions for you were not at the forefront of his mind, which makes this a total breech of trust and commitment. As a Taurus, you do tend to be patient and hold on tight, as you are extremely loyal, but unfortunately, the short end of that stick comes when you give people more than they deserve. Not to say you should be pissed at Pisces boy and hold a grudge against him forever, but the fact that he was so willing to just leave you dangling is not showing him to be a guy who’s courageous or concerned with your feelings. He seems like a guy who is in for the moment and himself, and it’s just bad news if you want to be his priority.

As it goes, he might apologize, who knows, but whatever the case, you need to get your head on straight with what you need in terms of respect and honesty. If it would ever work with him, he would have to own up to how he treated you and prove himself again. Sure, you might not have been in an official relationship, but there was enough established between you two that he should have followed the same protocol in giving you respect when his feelings changed.

Basically, there is a major trust issue that you would have to work through with him if it were to have a chance, but until you can get some space to see him more objectively, it would be hard to make it work without him again stepping outside the boundaries and playing for himself rather then for the two of you. If he did it once, he will do it again … . So until that is amended, best to keep on walking and focus on finding someone who can remain consistent and communicative — all others need to just step aside!

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